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The Bookwalter family roots are deep in agriculture and the Washington wine and viticulture industry. With several of the top vineyard sources in the state and a commitment to excellence in winemaking, Bookwalter Winery continues to fulfill the growing demand for ultra premium wines from Washington State.  

In 1997, John Bookwalter joined the family winery, established by parents Jerrold  and Jean, as the 10th generation of Bookwalters to be involved in agriculture, focusing on producing ultra premium red wines. To do so, he joined with world-class winemaker/vineyard consultant Zelma Long, who had just retired from her illustrious 30 year wine industry career. Success was immediate, as both the 2000 vintage Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon wines were released to rave reviews. The next two vintages brought two top 100 wines of the year rankings, several 90 point-plus Parker ratings and another Wine Spectator "Wine of the Week" acknowledgement.

 Bookwalter 2006 Foreshadow Bookwalter 2006 Foreshadow   Bookwalter 2006 Foreshadow  
Columbia Valley
Columbia Valley
Cabernet Sauvignon
Foreshadow Columbia
Valley Cabernet