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The first generation of winemakers at the Vignobles Raymond dates back to 1850, with a surface of 15 hectares of vineyards at the time. In 1980, Jean Pierre Raymond takes over the family operation, which then represents 30 hectares of which 15 hectares still dedicated to viticulture. He quickly turns the whole farm into a vineyard and the Chateau de Lagarde expands with 70 hectares. In 2000, Lionel Raymond (7 th generation) takes over. In the tradition of his father, he continues the expansion of the property by doubling the size of the vineyard and gradually buying new properties. He also converts the whole vineyard to organic agriculture and becomes with 180 hectares, the largest organic vineyard in Bordeaux. 
The vineyard represents over 200 hectares today and the cellar of the property is a model of innovation with 2500 m2 of solar panels.

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