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Michel Chapoutier is passionate about terroir and grape varieties. Alsace has always had a special place in his heart because of the particularity of certain varieties and their mineral subtlety. This vineyard came about by an association of friends and their consensus in exigent working techniques, even on very steep slopes. The vines take their nutritional value from a terroir of blue schist with a touch of sandstone, bringing originality to the wine. Across the Schieferkopf, Michel Chapoutier presents a translation of theses terroirs, reflecting the appellations
 Schieferkopf Pinot Grisl 2010 Schieferkopf Riesling Lieu dit Fels 2010  Schieferkopf Riesling 2010   
Schieferkopf Pinot
Gris AOC Alsace
Schieferkopf Riesling
Lieu-dit Fels AOC Alsace
Schieferkopf Riesling
AOC Alsace