The story behind Michel Chapoutier’s latest innovation, Marius, is one of deep family connection.  He remembers his great grandfather as a man with an insatiable thirst for life – and he is also the dapper gentleman who graces the label on Marius wines. But more than a bon vivant, Marius Chapoutier played a key role in the development of the family wine enterprise, acquiring vineyards in the Hermitage area and directing construction of a new winery in 1929.  Because Michel shares the same visionary spirit and passion for life, wine and food, as his great grandfather, he has crafted this wine in his name to honor him. When asked “What makes a good wine?” Marius would respond, “One that you want to taste again.”  This wine carries his message as well as the warmth of the soul in the South of France where this wine is rooted.

MariusGrenacheSyrah bt MariusTerret Vermentino bt
Marius Grenache Syrah
Marius Terret Vermentino