cantina maculan

For three generations the Maculan family has been selecting and vinifying the best grapes in Breganze, an enchanting village at the foot of the Alps in Italy’s Veneto region. While the surrounding mountains protect the area from cold winds, creating a perfect microclimate for the cultivation of wine grapes, it is Fausto Maculan’s drive and commitment that sets these wines apart and distinguishes Maculan as an innovative, dynamic winery. Continually at the forefront of any dessert wine discussion, Fausto Maculan has received numerous accolades from the world’s most esteemed wine critics.

Pino Toi  Brentino Palazzotto Cabernet Sauvign  Fratta
 Pino & Toi
Brentino 750ml
Brentino 1.5 litre
Torcolato  Maculan Dindarello Moscato bt