Le Macchiole

Le Macchiole is a story of men and human endeavor. And of one man in particular. 

Eugenio Campolmi was strongly convinced of his passion for wine that, when it entered his life, took it over and proceeded to profoundly transform it. Always one for experimenting, he decided to become a winemaker. Following his instinct and wholeheartedly committing himself to hard work, he became a very successful one. Cinzia, his partner for years, was his accomplice in this new and challenging adventure.  With dogged perseverance, Eugenio learned to appreciate and "feel" the land, respecting and interpreting it with great talent and sensitivity. And thanks to the serious efforts and determination of them both, Le Macchiole became a point of reference for Bolgheri, which is today - thanks to their contribution as well - one of the most celebrated oenological areas in Italy. 

 le macchiole bolgheri rosso paleorosso bt  scrio bt Messorio bottle 
Bolgheri Rosso
Paleo Rosso Toscana 2008
Paleo Rosso Toscana 2011
Scrio Toscana
Messorio Rosso Tuscano