La Gerla

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The Montalcino terroir is extremely rich in types of terrain, a treasure of diversity and resources for viticulture. At La Gerla, it was decided to plant vineyards in two areas opposite the Montalcino hill, so different from but complementary to one another; unique products with unmistakable qualities are achieved from the vinification of the grapes that are harvested. The six hectares of vineyards at Canalicchio, northeast and east, are located at mid-hill on a decent slope and, along with an olive grove, surround the cellars. Planted in part in 1976 and again in 1982, the cultivated variety is only Sangiovese Grosso, known as Brunello in Montalcino. The type of terrain is of a medium texture, from average to deep with abundant skeleton grain (marl), average amount of limestone, with a good percentage of silt. The microclimate is fresh and dry in the summer allowing for a slow and progressive maturation and, in turn, the development of elegant, intense and quality aromas in the wine.

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