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Distilleria Bottega was set up in 1977 by Aldo Bottega, a master distiller with over 30 years of experience. The distillery began modestly, operating in the local grappa market. In 1983, with the death of its founder, son Sandro took on the management of the company with the assistance of siblings Barbara and Stefano. In a few years, Distilleria Bottega left its anonymity, thanks to an innovative distillation system that makes grappa mellower and more delicate. In 1987, the Alexander brand joined Bottega; this new brand is intended for those consumers who have developed a much more educated and refined palate. 

All Alexander Grappa has its origin from very fresh and vinous marcs that are distilled in copper stills following the steam distillation in order to guarantee the highest quality. The Venetian blown glass bottles, designed by Sandro Bottega, are the ideal container to view the clarity and transparency of the Alexander Grappa. They were also the object of a prestigious international exhibition called “Art in Grappa”.

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Alexander Grappa
Alexander Grappa 
Bottega Grappa 
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Bottega Grappa
Bottega Grappa
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Bottega Grappa 
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