Antigua Distillery

The Antigua Distillery has long been the premium distiller of fine rums in The Leeward Islands. They are committed to maintaining the high standards of production and packaging that have been developed over recent decades. The company produces high quality rums with the finest all natural ingredients, using a skillful combination of traditional methods and modern technology. They continue the tradition of using copper pipes for their five column continuous copper still that can produce 1.5 million litres a year. Ageing is done in 220 litre American oak casks that were previously used for ageing bourbon, covering a time frame of a minimum 2-3 years, with no top-ups to replace evaporation, allowing the "angels" to take their share. 

English Harbour Five Year Old Antigua Rum is smooth, lush, and not overly stickly sweet, with a lovely vanilla profile, making it versatile for cocktails or as a fine sipping rum all on its own. It is a premium rum that offers tremendous value.

 English Harbour Rum bottle
English Harbour Five
Year Old Antigua Rum